Native American cultures, about the orange colour
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Orange Painting, Features orange,Melbourne painting

melbourne painter, orange house paint

Orange Painting, Features orange,Melbourne painting

Orange Painting, Orange rooms speak of friendliness and fun



Before selecting the colour paint, learn more about the orange colour.

  • Orange

Associated with: autumn, citrus

Positive: creativity, invigoration, uniqueness, energy, vibrancy, stimulation, sociability, health, whimsy, activity

Negative: crassness, trendiness, loudness


Cultural links:

Ireland: Orange signifies the Protestant movement in Northern Ireland

Native American cultures: Orange is linked with learning and kinship

India: Orange signifies Hinduism

Netherlands: Orange is the national colour because the Dutch monarchs came from Orange-Nassau


In addition:

Orange is an appetite stimulant

Orange rooms get people thinking and talking

Orange rooms speak of friendliness and fun

Orange is used for visibility enhancement, which is why haunters and highway workers wear it




Source: Color Design Workbook, A real-world guide to using color in graphic design, by Terry Lee Stone with Sean Adams and Noreen Morioka


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