Melbourne painter, Associated with, About Color white
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White Painting,Understanding color, Melbourne painter

melbourne painter, white house paint

White Painting,Understanding color, Melbourne painter


White Painting, The perfectly balanced colour


Before selecting the colour paint, learn more about the white colour.

  • White

Associated with: light, purity

Positive: perfection, marriage/wedding, clearness, virtue, innocence, lightness, softness, sacredness, simplicity, truth

Negative: fragility, isolation


Cultural links:

Japan and China: White is a funeral colour

Worldwide: A white flag is a universal symbol for truce

North America, Europe: White denotes light-skinned people of Caucasian ancestry

India: Married women who wear white invite unhappiness


In addition:

In some cultures, it’s considered good luck to be married in a white garment

White is the perfectly balanced colour

White is so brilliant that it gives some people headaches

White light can be blinding

White is associated with angles and gods



Source: Color Design Workbook, A real-world guide to using color in graphic design, by Terry Lee Stone with Sean Adams and Noreen Morioka


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Melbourne painter, white house paint

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