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Colour and interiors

melbourne painter, Colour and interiors,house paint

Colour and interiors

Painting, Colour, and Interiors

Imagine a world without colour. Colour is more than just an aesthetic tool – it is vital for providing information about our environments, as well as helping us to navigate around them. Applied colour in the field of interior design can be used practically, decoratively and architecturally, giving a sense of place and identity. The interior designer can shape the environmental field by considering colour at the outset of the design process. The use of colour harmony integrates colour as one of the main design constituents for transforming interior spaces and schemes.

When choosing textiles or paints for an interior scheme, remember that colour can be an important tool to shape and alter space. It can make objects look lighter or heavier, spaces seem warmer or cooler, or cause planes to advance or recede. Generally, warm colours such as red and yellow tend to be advancing (making walls for example appear to come closer), white cool colours such as blue and green are receding. Brightness or intensity is a major factor in determining whether colours advance or recede. A very bright colour is advancing and a dull warm one is receding. Although generalizations can be made, colour is primarily subjective, relying on personal preference and on our sense of aesthetic well being.


Source: The interior designer course – principles, practices and techniques for the aspiring designer, By Tomris Tangaz, Publisher: Thames & Hudson


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