exterior melbourne painting
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Exterior melbourne Painting

Exterior melbourne Painting

The outside of your home needs TLC and maintenance.  Painting and or stainting gives your house that curb appeal and becomes the neighborhood envy.

For the best possible result in professional exterior melbourne house painting services, steps are followed to ensure proper surface preparation before any paint or stain application.  Below are a few things that as your professional exterior house painter in MELBORNE we ensure every consideration is given too, before propainters group begins any painting or staining.  Sanding, washing, and priming are just a few of the steps we take to prepare the surface

melbourne room painter
interior painting
melbourne room painter

Our Exterior painting services  include:


  • ​We go over the necessary repairs or replacement of any wood with you on the walk-through when providing you with a paint quote.
  • minor carpentry repair or replacement is provided
  • We scrape away old, flaking, loose or peeling paint such as around window frames, door frames, porches, decks, fences, posts, railings, aluminum siding, wood siding
  • Sand by hand, or if required in bigger spaces by machine sander, to remove any old debris.
  • Remove all dust particles from sanding or Pressure washing if necessary to prepare certain areas or surfaces
  • Proper coverage and protection of any surfaces or areas that do not require painting and yes that’s including flowers
  • We ensure that all necessary areas are efficiently caulked with the proper exterior product


  • the appropriate quality exterior primer/sealer is applied
  • minimum 2 coats of  paint finish or stain is applied by hand with paint brush and or paint roller


  • Complete removal of all debris, which includes all the paint we scraped off any  surface
  • All our ladders, paint cans, paint brushes, paint rollers are taken off the premises.
  • Removal of all drop-sheets and or plastic covers used to protect areas or surfaces
melbourne house painter

We leave your home in the perfect condition you entrusted us with and a noticeable difference of the fresh coats of exterior paint or stain given to your home.  It’s the curb appeal and lustre you look forward to coming home too. ​ We also provide professional painting results to aluminum or steel railings, balcony, steps, front door paint or stain.

PROPAINTER GROUP – Exterior House painting Contractor will ensure all processes to prepare the surface are completed, before painting and or staining.  If there is any wood that needs to be replaced due to rot or years of neglect we will advise you and leave you with the choice of replacing it.  If you choose to replace it then we can remove the old wood and install the new one, then properly caulk, seal, sand, paint or stain.

Whether you want to give your windows, front door, garage doors a fresh paint colour or just maintain your home. Whichever home improvement or exterior painting and or staining of wood surfaces such as the deck, patio, porch or entrance door, fences, give us acall or email to book your next home update

melbourne room painter