learn more about the green colour ,Melbourne painter
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Green Painting, Features green, Melbourne painter

melbourne painter, green house paint

Green Painting, Features green, Melbourne painter

Green Painting, The colour of healing and nature


Before selecting the colour paint, learn more about the green colour.


  • Green

Associated with: plants, the natural environment

Positive: fertility, money, growth, healing, success, nature, harmony, honesty, youth

Negative: greed, envy, nausea, poison, corrosion, inexperience


Cultural links:

Islam: Green is associated with paradise and is symbolic of Islam

Ireland: Green is strongly associated with this country

Celtic cultures: The Green Man was the god of fertility

Native American cultures: Green is linked with the will, or man’s volition


In addition:

Green is the easiest colour on the eyes

Green is a calming and refreshing colour, often used in hospitals to relax patients

Green means “go”; everything is in order

Green is said to aid digestion and reduce stomachaches


Source: Color Design Workbook, A real-world guide to using color in graphic design, by Terry Lee Stone with Sean Adams and Noreen Morioka


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