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Red Painting, the color of love, Melbourne painter

melbourne painter, red house paint

Red Painting, the color of love, Melbourne painter

Red Painting, Most visually dominant colour


Before selecting the colour paint, learn more about the red colour.

  • Red

Associated with: fire, blood, and sex

Positive: passion, love, blood, energy, enthusiasm, excitement, heat, power

Negative: aggression, anger, battle, revolution, cruelty, immorality


Cultural links:

Ivory Coast, Africa: dark red indicates death.

France: Masculinity

Most of Asia: Marriage, prosperity, happiness

India: Soldier’s symbol

South Africa: Colour of mourning


In addition:

Most visually dominant colour

Suggests speed, action

Stimulate heart rate, breathing, and appetite

People appear heavier in red clothes

Red cars are stolen most often


Source: Color Design Workbook, A real-world guide to using color in graphic design, by Terry Lee Stone with Sean Adams and Noreen Morioka


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