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Yellow Painting, yellow colour

melbourne painter,yellow house paint

Yellow Painting, yellow colour

Yellow Painting, The first colour that the human eye notices



Before selecting the colour paint, learn more about the Yellow colour.

  • Yellow

Associated with: sunshine

Positive: intellect, wisdom, optimism, radiance, joy, idealism

Negative: jealousy, cowardice, deceit, caution


Cultural links:

Buddhist cultures: Priests wear saffron yellow robes.

Egypt and Burma: Signifies mourning

India: Symbol of merchant or farmer

Hindu cultures: worn to celebrate the festival of spring

Japan: Associated with courage


In addition:

First colour that the human eye notices

Brighter than white

Speeds the metabolism

Bright yellow is the most fatiguing colour; can irritate the eyes

Pale yellow can enhance concentration (used for legal pads)


Source: Color Design Workbook, A real-world guide to using color in graphic design, by Terry Lee Stone with Sean Adams and Noreen Morioka

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